Team Development
In today's business world we see a relentless emphasis on speedier delivery with higher quality at reduced costs, all in an increasingly remote working environment. And yet the teams who are responsible for delivering this no longer have time and space to reflect on what they can do differently to meet those demands.

This is when I step in. I slow people down – in order that they can then speed up.

So what happens in a Team Development intervention?

I consult with you to find out what your team needs – and where you want it to be three, six, twelve months down the line.

I design and deliver a program enabling the team to move towards that point. This may include assessments, psychometrics, gap analysis, coaching, workshops, content free facilitation.

I make myself redundant. I leave the team at a point where they and I know they can sustain their own development.

"Our team turned around an ailing operation. I really believe that Philippa played a role in this through helping us draw on our strengths as a team. We were able to communicate and influence more effectively – critical within a change management context."

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Here's what recent clients say you can expect from working with me:
"Results! Ones that have tangible 'take home' value for the individual and the company they work within. Philippa will ask the probing questions that allow a team to truly understand where they are and where they need to get to – then help you get there! She's also a whole heap of fun and can keep a team engaged and grounded as they learn.' "

"Excellent. I felt that Philippa was very experienced in working with senior teams and that she was able to 'bond' with us quite quickly. She was challenging but in a non confrontational and constructive way."

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