Leadership Skills Workshops
We know that a struggling team can be swung around with a good leader. And we also know that the number one reason why people leave their jobs is due to their manager.

That's why I believe leadership and management development is a crucial part of everyone's professional education – whether they're leading a team, an organisation or just themselves.

In my workshops, my aim is to enable my participants to learn, develop and exercise their 'leadership' or 'management' muscles. I teach, coach and facilitate in these sessions – whether to a lecture room of MBA students or to a select group of middle/senior managers.

There are three things that you can expect from any one of my workshops:

1) Energetic interaction
2) Grounded and practical techniques
3) Individualised learnings

And whilst I will tailor my workshops according to what you need, my offering falls into three main areas:

Honing your message:
Effective communication; Presentation skills; Writing Skills

Presenting yourself:
Personal Branding; Networking; Negotiating

Leading and managing others:
Coaching and feedback skills; Persuasion; Leading teams

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Here's what some of my 2013 participants have said about my workshops
"Strong, lively workshop. Philippa was able to constantly maintain the attention and made the workshop applicable to real life working situations."

"Totally worth waking up earlier for and getting out of bed for!"

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