Philippa Chapman
At the root of what I do is my solid belief that with positive thinking comes the ability to effect a change. And that if we want something to change in our working world – we're the ones to kickstart it.

I consider it a privilege to work alongside my clients – enabling them, their teams and their organisations to get to where they want to be. I pride myself in being able to connect quickly with people, bringing a personal approach to professional situations – whether on an individual or group level. And then to identify their needs and find solutions.

With 30 years in education and communication, I'm constantly excited about combining my experience into three main consulting activities: Coaching, Leadership Skills Training and Team Development. And being able to offer these activities to individuals and business schools as well as organisations.

For the past 15 years I have worked in UK, mainland Europe and the Middle East. As a director of the UK consultancy iOpener Ltd. I designed and delivered workshops and programs to leading business schools and global organisations (London Business School, Tetra Pak, NHS, Puma, Roland Berger).

From 2014 I will be dividing my time between East Africa and Europe – looking at new ventures which will benefit from my combined consulting.





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Philippa Chapman
"High energy, approachable, interactive style"

"Very good facilitator, open focus, sharp and with an international view"

"Excellent session and very good use of our time. Whilst there was an agenda, Philippa was very sensitive to issues which required proper airing and allowed this to happen, checking in with us that this was okay first . Looking forward to round 2!"
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